Economist  |  Philosopher  |  Writer

Daniel Chandler is an economist and philosopher based at the London School of Economics, where he is Research Director of the Programme on Cohesive Capitalism.

He is the author of FREE AND EQUAL [UK; US], described by Zadie Smith as 'A robust and inspiring case for the philosophy of John Rawls, dragging his theory of justice down from Harvard’s ivory towers and into the street with the people' and by Thomas Piketty as 'a fantastic book... [that] provides us with the moral basis for an ambitious egalitarian agenda, and a roadmap for putting this into practice'.

Daniel has degrees in economics, philosophy and history from Cambridge and the LSE, and was awarded a Henry Fellowship at Harvard where he studied under Amartya Sen. Prior to joining LSE, he worked as a policy advisor in the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit and Deputy Prime Minister's Office, and as a researcher at think tanks including the Resolution Foundation and Institute for Fiscal Studies.